Saturday, 7 July 2012

Game Of Life

Life is much similar to a game, in which levels or stages are like life lessons (contain many things to learn, to explore and practice). You have got to clear the primary level in order to reach for the next one and this goes on, if you do not clear the first or primary level it keeps on repeating itself until you get a mastery over it and clear it despite many hardships and puzzled phases, just then it presents you with a new level (lesson). The higher levels keep locked until you have cleared the primary ones, you can revisit or play again the levels which you have already cleared or attempted but you can not jump to the higher locked levels. So like this in life its must to face every hardship in order to make the maximum points (maximum learning) and successful completion of that particular level or lesson of life, otherwise you will keep on hanging just there.
When you successfully complete your present level, the next level automatically get unlocked and presents you with new things to explore, to experience and like this game goes on and on, and offers you with many stumbling blocks and new complexities for pushing you towards the mastery level or big lessons of life. Each phase or situation of life like the levels of game has its own complexity, its own requirement of skills, its own buttons to press and different tools to be employed, some requires more skillful, mindful and backbreaking play while some requires just a relax play with not much mental workout.
Once when you reach the mastery level, then on looking back (flashback) you will find the game as easy as ABC. You find yourself as a more confident, skillful and a well learned person. You feel the confidence of mastery over the whole game, there are no more any hard levels for you( even if you just have cleared 2 or 3 levels by facing every difficulty that you encountered during the game), for you have surpassed all of them. Then just mastery and a sense of effortlessness prevail throughout the game. Play every level of your life with courage and persistence, without resisting the difficulties, face the difficulties in their face; you will surely get promoted to the next one and in the end come out to be a master.
But in all such play of your life, make sure that you not only clear the levels but also enjoy the whole game, for boredom drains out the energy required for a contented and true play.

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