Friday, 31 August 2012

How to improve Self Confidence Part 1

Self confidence always play an important part in the success of the person and it can help to achieve the goals efficiently and in a better way. We can not deny its importance in a successful life, because I used to remain a low confident person and I lost many things in fact opportunities ran out of my hand just before I managed to achieve them. The lack of confidence had proved to be an ogre, which haunted me every time and ate up my all abilities. To achieve the confidence had turned out into an unachievable dream. I felt bad to live a low confident life, where I couldn't manage to do even the little things. I was unable to make decisions, so life was totally weird for me. The most encountered problem in everybody's life is low confidence or lack of self confidence. I put a deep thought towards rectification of my this weakness and I come up with the following realizations, which helped me to change completely into a confident being :).

Why we lack confidence? which thing makes us low confident beings? Is there any way to achieve back the confidence? Can I ever be able to be confident again? These all questions occupied my mind completely and finally I achieved the answer of all these questions. The thing which makes us low confident is negative thoughts that we develop before even attempting any thing once. The fear of incapability that has engrossed deeply into our minds and make us think that we can't do. The most common negative thoughts get developed into our minds are:

I will not be able to do it.
I am not capable enough to do it.
I will definitely do the mistake and create any mess up.
Nobody is giving me importance as there is nothing special in me.
Nobody wants to be my friend and people laugh at me.
People use unfriendly comments and treat me like I am an alien or someone very different from others (in a negative sense).
I feel alone and may die alone because I am not worthy of making any relation.
If I try this and that,what others think of me.

These are some of the negative thoughts and more like these are a great factor in decreasing the confidence level. Why we develop these types of thoughts? It's because our own self image is low or negative in our own eyes. Self image is the way in which we perceive, think and feel about our own self.
So, analyze your self image and see what you think about yourself, note it down because you need to change it now for having a wonderful life, you can change or improve your self image by applying these techniques.

1.You have seen models walking on ramp, It's the most difficult thing to walk on the ramp confidently with grace and attitude in front of thousands of people. Are you able to walk confidently in front of any crowd?, quite difficult. Yeah, it is difficult but how models do that, are fashion models from any other world? or they are the super confident beings from their birth? The answer is certainly "No". I don't think so that they are confident from start. Then how they achieve this high level of confidence? the answer is, by improving their self image, every girl or boy when come to pursue their careers as models, their mentors make their minds that they have to think of themselves as the most beautiful being in the whole world and feel like the audience is being very excited to watch a beautiful person like them. This mind making, change their self image and they rock the ramp with their super confident presence. Though in reality, they are not most beautiful but by thinking and imagining like it, their self image in their own eyes get improved and they start considering their selves as most beautiful being, ultimately which increases their confidence level and help them to achieve the powerful attitude and grace. So, start to think good of yourself and rock the world, YOU can do it ! :)

2.Same type of technique is used in sports, where psychological trainer apply different ways to enhance the self confidence and this increase in self confidence brings a positive elevation in the performance of athletes and boosts up the sportsman spirit. Like in netball, first the trainer train the athlete to goal from short distances, when the athlete learn to goal from short distances, his confidence level boosts up and he becomes ready to try some difficult level. So, starting from little and easier things moving towards difficult one never let your confidence to shake up, instead helps to keep it stable and consistently improving.

3.Another way to improve the self image is told by my teacher when I was in school. Although, I didn't understand the logic behind it at that time but by the time I realized the really true and appraising words of my teacher. She told us that do not hesitate and get afraid when you occupy the stage. In school students mostly get afraid of stage and get really nervous. So, she told us the very good trick to overcome this fear and stay confident, she said do not hesitate from crowd in front of you but consider yourself most knowledgeable and confident person standing at the stage and people sitting in front have not as much knowledge as you have, because if they had it then they were also present on the stage. So think of yourself capable, it increases the self efficacy which in turn boosts up the confidence level.

You can also check out the practical exercises to boost up the SELF CONFIDENCE.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

2 Things You must Learn to Start the Transformation Journey

Many of the beginners who want to change their behaviors for good, encounter the questions like how should we start the transformation process? What we should change first? what should be the strategy to initiate the change process? these all and many more, I encountered myself when I decided to transform myself into a new positive being, at that time I was so confused by the stuff I had in my mind about starting the transformation process, I started with the wrong things and end up in wasting my energy and time. So for your convenience I am gonna tell you the best strategy and ways to enter into the change process without losing your precious time and energy. These will not only help you in the beginning process but also through out the process and also will assist you to get hold of your goals and pursue them with full energy and passion.

1. Learn to focus:
Many of the beginners come this way, without learning the ways to get the proper focus, which is required for the whole process of transforming oneself into a new better being. Just because of lacking the focus power, they get distracted from their goals and this thing sucks up their energy and time. So beginning the journey of transformation by learning focus, serves a great benefit to a beginner through out the process. When I was beginning my transformation process, I was not aware of this fact, thus I got distracted many times and faced many hardships just because of lacking the power to focus on the task. Later on, eventually I got to know this through my experiences and I worked on it and I made it by the breathing and counting techniques together with some games that I had chosen to play on my cell phone.

2. Boost up your self confidence:
Another thing to do just in the initial stage of your change process is boosting up your self confidence.You may have heard or read this saying that self-confidence is the first requisite for great undertakings, I found this saying so true, when I started my journey , I had not much self-confidence so I often used to feel myself incapable of taking any decision or creating a change within myself. So this lack of self-confidence also caused me to give up many times. Later, on my self-analysis I found this very reason behind being unsuccessful in pursuing my goals and initiating my transformation process. I worked on this  too and boosted up my self-confidence by self created technique of playing games. I used  to play games and tried to face all the hurdles in the game, played the stages which I used to think I could not play, I failed but kept on trying and whenever I won any game it improved my self confidence, though it sounds a bit impractical but it really worked for me,  you can also try this or make your own ways for boosting up your confidence. Another thing that I did to improve my self-confidence is, I started doing those little works myself, for which I used to depend on others, this thing made me feel more capable and in turn boosted up my self-confidence.

If you learn these two things in just the beginning of your journey, I bet you will have a very successful journey and it will help you a lot doing and gaining the things that you really want and deserve.
Have a blissful journey :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Be A Good Thinker!

Thinking is first step towards creation. When you think , you act and you create. It's thinking which brings in the new ideas and lead to the creation of a great master pieces or something really amazing. wisdom is the end product of the deep thinking. So, let your ideas flow by adopting the habit of constant thinking. :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Take the first step!

It is always difficult to initialize anything but if we don't then we will never achieve the destination. Don't hesitate, take the first step and you will see how your journey becomes easy to go. If you want to bring positivity in your life and to achieve anything then go head and start from now.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

3 easy ways to tackle problems

Problems, hardships or tensions have become an important part of our lives. Whether intentionally or unintentionally they get created, take up our energy physical, emotional or mental and leave us with a miserable experience. Problems can not be avoided but yes they can be tackle in a way to overcome them wisely and to lessen the negative aspects, by developing positive approaches about it.

Usually one problem becomes a source of invitation for other, because of offensive, impatient and negative behavior of us. Like everyone, I also took problems as something bad and troublesome, it's a common thinking and I must say a way of thinking that we have adopted. Just thinking about problems push us into miserable thoughts and we start longing to find answers of these questions"

Can we avoid problems?
Is there any way to live problems free life?
How to tackle problems?

Problems are inevitable, as life has ups and downs, but we can lessen the negative aspects of them and enhance and develop some positive things which keeps us better emotionally, physically and mentally while tackling them. I have tried and experience some aspects which can help to tackle problems and to avoid welcoming more.

1. Overcoming Fear: we are spending fearful life, fear of failures, hardships, problems, height, and most importantly of future. The problems are not so scary and terrible but our fear makes them so. Fear of not getting into a problem and not getting out of the problem makes the situation worse. The first thing we should learn is to overcome the fear of  problems. How can we do that? By taking problems as normal thing and a reality of life. Remember every problem has a solution, but fear overcomes the ability to think or find the solution and ultimately create a miserable condition. It's all because we always take problem as negative so it's time to change our thinking.

2.Change thinking: it's time to change our general notion about problems. We associate every negative thing with problems, but in fact they come our way to make us learn something so that we can realize and enhance our abilities. Whenever we get into problem, we should try to see that what we can learn from it. Always see the problems with an eye of learner and try to discover something new and productive.

3.Develop Patience: Be patient, haste makes nothing but yes it can increase the intensity of the problem and invite some more. Mostly we made the situation worse, because we are impatient. We want to be out of the problem quickly and for it we take every wrong step, which gains nothing but more miseries. Remember, problems are like a spider web, the more we made quick efforts the more easily we get stuck in it. So, the only key to be out of problem is to be patient and take time to analyze and think about it. There is always a hidden door to outside, but it depends on us how wisely we use our efforts and energy to find it.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Be Committed and focused! Learn from Cat

The concentration, focus and commitment makes all it together to accomplish any work or project with desirable outcomes. The noise, hurriedness and busyness created a huge trap to render the minds and ultimately decreases the capacity and capability of Human minds to create or to do anything with ease. We all are facing the same scenario and weakness, as we are losing power to concentrate and focus fully on one task. Many questions arise in my mind maybe some are same in yours as well like:

How can we acquire this lost power?
are we able to achieve it back or not?
will it need any practice?
How to enhance our ability to focus fully?

Well, a simple answer to all question is yes, we can acquire and enhance this power by just simple practices, about which we talk shortly. I have never seen somebody focused, concentrated and committed as powerfully as a cat do. Cats are amazing in their ability to focus on the task at hand, if you have any cat pet then you can observe it as well. When they are chasing any mouse or catching any insect, their focus is fully committed to it even if you want to interrupt them, they will ignore you and keep their focus on the task. I wonder how can cats achieve such a great concentration? What's the secret behind it? that's simply made me Wow!The secret is meditation. The cats are good meditator, when they are sitting idle they don't waste their single moment and keep them busy in meditation, closing their eyes, focusing on their thinking and constant practice makes them a good focused being.

Everything is achievable, but just need a constant practice and patience. Here I am going to share some smart tricks to achieve back the good concentration and focus. Practice them and keep the record of your progress and check them day by day after a month you will really feel a great difference.

1.Meditation: Meditating just 10 minute a day helps you keep your mind active and focus. It calms down the rushing and running thoughts and makes you able to control the flow of thoughts. So get control over your thoughts and also achieve good focus and peace of mind.

2.Counting: Counting is another good technique to improve focus on the task at hand. It's best to count back from 100 to 1 like 100,99,98,... so on daily.Each day increase the counting range and write down your progress that how much you did with full focus.

3.Playing Games: Playing games also helps to improve the focus and concentration especially the racing games. There are also many games available especially to improve concentration and focus, get one and enjoy game + improve you abilities.

4.Thinking: Thinking about one thing deeply or ponder over little things helps to keep your focus alive. Take one thing at a time and think about it from all aspects.

5.Imagination: Imagination helps to completely dissolve into thoughts and remain committed to one thing at a time. For some it becomes easy to learn or focus over things by imagining them. It keeps the thought centered, focused and controlled.It acts same like meditation.

6.Motivation: If you feel lazy in performing above task and feel it difficult to achieve your focus back then simply remember if a cat can achieve a good concentration and focus then how couldn't you? nothing is impossible and difficult remember it's our thinking which made it difficult. If you think you can then you can achieve it. Start from little and try to increase it each day, but be consistent in whatever you do.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Build a positive Relationship with failures

Have you ever heard that anybody has learnt from his success?
Is this success or the failure which makes you learn?
Is failure has any positive aspect or not?

These are the questions that make us think that failure is also worthwhile like we perceive our successes. We just need to change the negative notions linked with the failures. Many people when get fail in anything, they just give up or feel so depressed that other people have no choice other than consoling them with such sentences, “oh that poor guy or lady, missed out that chance”. So like this they just become the focus of pity, sympathy or lots of criticism from other people, its just because they take their failures as some negative or undesirable thing, that should must be avoided in order to feel happy or comfortable.

We need to build our relationship with our failures as they can proved to be very best and influential teachers to us, only if we understand them, respect them and open ourselves to them for learning what they want us to learn. Every failure is like a teacher, which teaches us new lesson; it’s just how much keenness you have for learning new things new lessons in your life and how much a good learner you are.
We come up with so much heartache and disappointment when we get fail, rather if we get connected to our failures, respect them and appreciate them, I bet they will turn out to be blessing for you that you can never forget in your life, which will fill your life with everlasting joy and tremendous series of victories that you have ever dreamt of, it’s just the matter of changing your notion about failures.

And if you don’t build relationship with your failures, you don’t understand, appreciate and welcome them with a fearless heart and don’t respect them; they will keep on haunting you and will continue to perish your strength, energy and time, until you get taught what they wanted to teach you. So be an obedient student and let your teacher (failure) teach you the most worthy lessons, which you would surely miss, in case you get succeed in the first attempt. The more you fail, the more you encounter your teacher (failure) and the more you learn, it’s just because this fact we can find so many big names that made a history.

So, don’t let your failures haunt you, take them lightly and always appreciate your failures, because 
“Failing is a learning process and learning is a success process, this all process is much bigger and richer than the actual success”. Top Living-Well Sites