Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Be Committed and focused! Learn from Cat

The concentration, focus and commitment makes all it together to accomplish any work or project with desirable outcomes. The noise, hurriedness and busyness created a huge trap to render the minds and ultimately decreases the capacity and capability of Human minds to create or to do anything with ease. We all are facing the same scenario and weakness, as we are losing power to concentrate and focus fully on one task. Many questions arise in my mind maybe some are same in yours as well like:

How can we acquire this lost power?
are we able to achieve it back or not?
will it need any practice?
How to enhance our ability to focus fully?

Well, a simple answer to all question is yes, we can acquire and enhance this power by just simple practices, about which we talk shortly. I have never seen somebody focused, concentrated and committed as powerfully as a cat do. Cats are amazing in their ability to focus on the task at hand, if you have any cat pet then you can observe it as well. When they are chasing any mouse or catching any insect, their focus is fully committed to it even if you want to interrupt them, they will ignore you and keep their focus on the task. I wonder how can cats achieve such a great concentration? What's the secret behind it? that's simply made me Wow!The secret is meditation. The cats are good meditator, when they are sitting idle they don't waste their single moment and keep them busy in meditation, closing their eyes, focusing on their thinking and constant practice makes them a good focused being.

Everything is achievable, but just need a constant practice and patience. Here I am going to share some smart tricks to achieve back the good concentration and focus. Practice them and keep the record of your progress and check them day by day after a month you will really feel a great difference.

1.Meditation: Meditating just 10 minute a day helps you keep your mind active and focus. It calms down the rushing and running thoughts and makes you able to control the flow of thoughts. So get control over your thoughts and also achieve good focus and peace of mind.

2.Counting: Counting is another good technique to improve focus on the task at hand. It's best to count back from 100 to 1 like 100,99,98,... so on daily.Each day increase the counting range and write down your progress that how much you did with full focus.

3.Playing Games: Playing games also helps to improve the focus and concentration especially the racing games. There are also many games available especially to improve concentration and focus, get one and enjoy game + improve you abilities.

4.Thinking: Thinking about one thing deeply or ponder over little things helps to keep your focus alive. Take one thing at a time and think about it from all aspects.

5.Imagination: Imagination helps to completely dissolve into thoughts and remain committed to one thing at a time. For some it becomes easy to learn or focus over things by imagining them. It keeps the thought centered, focused and controlled.It acts same like meditation.

6.Motivation: If you feel lazy in performing above task and feel it difficult to achieve your focus back then simply remember if a cat can achieve a good concentration and focus then how couldn't you? nothing is impossible and difficult remember it's our thinking which made it difficult. If you think you can then you can achieve it. Start from little and try to increase it each day, but be consistent in whatever you do.


  1. I am inspired, thank you dear ! :)

    1. It's my pleasure :)
      Heartiest wishes on your way!

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