Sunday, 26 August 2012

2 Things You must Learn to Start the Transformation Journey

Many of the beginners who want to change their behaviors for good, encounter the questions like how should we start the transformation process? What we should change first? what should be the strategy to initiate the change process? these all and many more, I encountered myself when I decided to transform myself into a new positive being, at that time I was so confused by the stuff I had in my mind about starting the transformation process, I started with the wrong things and end up in wasting my energy and time. So for your convenience I am gonna tell you the best strategy and ways to enter into the change process without losing your precious time and energy. These will not only help you in the beginning process but also through out the process and also will assist you to get hold of your goals and pursue them with full energy and passion.

1. Learn to focus:
Many of the beginners come this way, without learning the ways to get the proper focus, which is required for the whole process of transforming oneself into a new better being. Just because of lacking the focus power, they get distracted from their goals and this thing sucks up their energy and time. So beginning the journey of transformation by learning focus, serves a great benefit to a beginner through out the process. When I was beginning my transformation process, I was not aware of this fact, thus I got distracted many times and faced many hardships just because of lacking the power to focus on the task. Later on, eventually I got to know this through my experiences and I worked on it and I made it by the breathing and counting techniques together with some games that I had chosen to play on my cell phone.

2. Boost up your self confidence:
Another thing to do just in the initial stage of your change process is boosting up your self confidence.You may have heard or read this saying that self-confidence is the first requisite for great undertakings, I found this saying so true, when I started my journey , I had not much self-confidence so I often used to feel myself incapable of taking any decision or creating a change within myself. So this lack of self-confidence also caused me to give up many times. Later, on my self-analysis I found this very reason behind being unsuccessful in pursuing my goals and initiating my transformation process. I worked on this  too and boosted up my self-confidence by self created technique of playing games. I used  to play games and tried to face all the hurdles in the game, played the stages which I used to think I could not play, I failed but kept on trying and whenever I won any game it improved my self confidence, though it sounds a bit impractical but it really worked for me,  you can also try this or make your own ways for boosting up your confidence. Another thing that I did to improve my self-confidence is, I started doing those little works myself, for which I used to depend on others, this thing made me feel more capable and in turn boosted up my self-confidence.

If you learn these two things in just the beginning of your journey, I bet you will have a very successful journey and it will help you a lot doing and gaining the things that you really want and deserve.
Have a blissful journey :)

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