Monday, 6 August 2012

Build a positive Relationship with failures

Have you ever heard that anybody has learnt from his success?
Is this success or the failure which makes you learn?
Is failure has any positive aspect or not?

These are the questions that make us think that failure is also worthwhile like we perceive our successes. We just need to change the negative notions linked with the failures. Many people when get fail in anything, they just give up or feel so depressed that other people have no choice other than consoling them with such sentences, “oh that poor guy or lady, missed out that chance”. So like this they just become the focus of pity, sympathy or lots of criticism from other people, its just because they take their failures as some negative or undesirable thing, that should must be avoided in order to feel happy or comfortable.

We need to build our relationship with our failures as they can proved to be very best and influential teachers to us, only if we understand them, respect them and open ourselves to them for learning what they want us to learn. Every failure is like a teacher, which teaches us new lesson; it’s just how much keenness you have for learning new things new lessons in your life and how much a good learner you are.
We come up with so much heartache and disappointment when we get fail, rather if we get connected to our failures, respect them and appreciate them, I bet they will turn out to be blessing for you that you can never forget in your life, which will fill your life with everlasting joy and tremendous series of victories that you have ever dreamt of, it’s just the matter of changing your notion about failures.

And if you don’t build relationship with your failures, you don’t understand, appreciate and welcome them with a fearless heart and don’t respect them; they will keep on haunting you and will continue to perish your strength, energy and time, until you get taught what they wanted to teach you. So be an obedient student and let your teacher (failure) teach you the most worthy lessons, which you would surely miss, in case you get succeed in the first attempt. The more you fail, the more you encounter your teacher (failure) and the more you learn, it’s just because this fact we can find so many big names that made a history.

So, don’t let your failures haunt you, take them lightly and always appreciate your failures, because 
“Failing is a learning process and learning is a success process, this all process is much bigger and richer than the actual success”.

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