Sunday, 19 August 2012

3 easy ways to tackle problems

Problems, hardships or tensions have become an important part of our lives. Whether intentionally or unintentionally they get created, take up our energy physical, emotional or mental and leave us with a miserable experience. Problems can not be avoided but yes they can be tackle in a way to overcome them wisely and to lessen the negative aspects, by developing positive approaches about it.

Usually one problem becomes a source of invitation for other, because of offensive, impatient and negative behavior of us. Like everyone, I also took problems as something bad and troublesome, it's a common thinking and I must say a way of thinking that we have adopted. Just thinking about problems push us into miserable thoughts and we start longing to find answers of these questions"

Can we avoid problems?
Is there any way to live problems free life?
How to tackle problems?

Problems are inevitable, as life has ups and downs, but we can lessen the negative aspects of them and enhance and develop some positive things which keeps us better emotionally, physically and mentally while tackling them. I have tried and experience some aspects which can help to tackle problems and to avoid welcoming more.

1. Overcoming Fear: we are spending fearful life, fear of failures, hardships, problems, height, and most importantly of future. The problems are not so scary and terrible but our fear makes them so. Fear of not getting into a problem and not getting out of the problem makes the situation worse. The first thing we should learn is to overcome the fear of  problems. How can we do that? By taking problems as normal thing and a reality of life. Remember every problem has a solution, but fear overcomes the ability to think or find the solution and ultimately create a miserable condition. It's all because we always take problem as negative so it's time to change our thinking.

2.Change thinking: it's time to change our general notion about problems. We associate every negative thing with problems, but in fact they come our way to make us learn something so that we can realize and enhance our abilities. Whenever we get into problem, we should try to see that what we can learn from it. Always see the problems with an eye of learner and try to discover something new and productive.

3.Develop Patience: Be patient, haste makes nothing but yes it can increase the intensity of the problem and invite some more. Mostly we made the situation worse, because we are impatient. We want to be out of the problem quickly and for it we take every wrong step, which gains nothing but more miseries. Remember, problems are like a spider web, the more we made quick efforts the more easily we get stuck in it. So, the only key to be out of problem is to be patient and take time to analyze and think about it. There is always a hidden door to outside, but it depends on us how wisely we use our efforts and energy to find it.

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