About Us

A Big Hi To All Our Lovely Readers :))

Welcome To Our Virtual Home
Stay Here and Feed your soul with positivity!

We are two sisters hosting this blog, not twins actually but yeah sounds more like twins :) TAIBA & TANJILA
Currently studying in the university, but side by side have many hobbies.

By qualification, we are computer pro and psychologist,
By profession, we are freelancers
By hobby, we are writer, reader, cook, art crafter and painter
By nature, we are simple, jolly and philosophers
By Thoughts, we are creative, imaginative and artistic
By personality, we are ambivert, altruistic and optimistic

In short we are "MODEST"

Why we are here?
What is the main purpose of this blog?
And Why we named our blog as My Green Pencil?

So, dear readers!
we are here to share our learning, experiences and the techniques in order to explore ourself + to help you buddies. To tackle most of the common issues, we all have in our lives.
We have taken hold of the steering wheel of the car of life and driving it on the path of positivity with the fuel of hope and faith, and it is leading us day by day towards new avenues of self development and modesty.

Why we have named our this virtual home as "MY GREEN PENCIL", know it by visiting here.


  1. Thank you so much for visiting us @ Saint in Training - we hope that it won't be your last visit! :)

    May God bless you sisters in continuing to share the gift of hope and positivity with others.


  2. Dear Rebecca,
    Thanks for stopping by and your nice wishes for both of us.
    Have a great day with lots of Love!
    Stay blessed :)


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