Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Green Pencil

What I mean by Green Pencil?
Pencil = Creation
Green = Positivity, peace and purity
Green + Pencil = Symbol of Positive creation, peace and purity.

Why we named our blog as" My Green Pencil"?
To live as well as inspire others to live a " 3Hs" life.
  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Hopeful
Green Pencil Technique:
Everybody is creative and positive naturally by already having a green pencil( positive creation, peace and purity) in their tool box ( inner self). Green pencil is such a tool which provides you with a freedom to draw the colorful picture of your life that you want and deserve.Most of us have forgot about this powerful tool, thus living a "3Ds" (depressed, destructive and distracted) life.
For always reminding yourself of this powerful tool, you can use this green pencil technique. Just buy a green pencil and always keep it with you and on daily basis take it in your hand and watch it for a while to remind yourself about the powerful tool of  "3Ps" ( positive creation, peace and purity) and whenever you feel low perform this technique. This little reminder will transform your life into a "Wow" experience and will connect you to your real self by realizing you of your inner strength, which is green pencil (3Ps).

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