Monday, 18 June 2012

Father's Day (little things to ponder over)

In life I had the notion that why to make one day special, just one day? But after sitting back for a while and thinking deeply I realized that this only one day can help to make our relationships strong or even stronger, it realized the person on the other hand that how much valuable he/she is. Its true that everyday should be expressive of their valuable presence in your life but as today world is growing too quickly and technology has just hacked our time, in this era in which our relations are deprived of true caring and time sharing, if we strive little to celebrate these some special days then it can surely gives us back our relationship values, which are mostly in negligence and some really memorable moments which we really long to have but couldn’t for some reasons.

So, let the springy moments grow in your life with the loved ones, who really deserves your time and care.

We get many loved ones but how much we are concern about them, how much we strive to hold them and always keep them in our lives. Parents are also a special part of our lives and in fact they are like trees, providing us shelter and shade in so many calamities of life that we face daily. So, we really should be thankful, loving and caring towards them. Some of us never ever express our love to them. Some are too shy and some don’t know how to. Its critical but not impossible, if you are not as frank with your parents and don’t feel confident enough to say them straightly, then there are others way as well like you can arrange a good party for them, a gift and even a flower can be enough to express your feeling to them. Believe me when you do it for them the shine of bliss on their face can tell you that how much happy they are to get this beautiful feeling of love and care from you.

“Let’s dedicate even a little time for the person, who dedicated his whole life for you!”

we made this cake for our Abbu (Daddy) on Father's Day.


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