Friday, 31 August 2012

How to improve Self Confidence Part 1

Self confidence always play an important part in the success of the person and it can help to achieve the goals efficiently and in a better way. We can not deny its importance in a successful life, because I used to remain a low confident person and I lost many things in fact opportunities ran out of my hand just before I managed to achieve them. The lack of confidence had proved to be an ogre, which haunted me every time and ate up my all abilities. To achieve the confidence had turned out into an unachievable dream. I felt bad to live a low confident life, where I couldn't manage to do even the little things. I was unable to make decisions, so life was totally weird for me. The most encountered problem in everybody's life is low confidence or lack of self confidence. I put a deep thought towards rectification of my this weakness and I come up with the following realizations, which helped me to change completely into a confident being :).

Why we lack confidence? which thing makes us low confident beings? Is there any way to achieve back the confidence? Can I ever be able to be confident again? These all questions occupied my mind completely and finally I achieved the answer of all these questions. The thing which makes us low confident is negative thoughts that we develop before even attempting any thing once. The fear of incapability that has engrossed deeply into our minds and make us think that we can't do. The most common negative thoughts get developed into our minds are:

I will not be able to do it.
I am not capable enough to do it.
I will definitely do the mistake and create any mess up.
Nobody is giving me importance as there is nothing special in me.
Nobody wants to be my friend and people laugh at me.
People use unfriendly comments and treat me like I am an alien or someone very different from others (in a negative sense).
I feel alone and may die alone because I am not worthy of making any relation.
If I try this and that,what others think of me.

These are some of the negative thoughts and more like these are a great factor in decreasing the confidence level. Why we develop these types of thoughts? It's because our own self image is low or negative in our own eyes. Self image is the way in which we perceive, think and feel about our own self.
So, analyze your self image and see what you think about yourself, note it down because you need to change it now for having a wonderful life, you can change or improve your self image by applying these techniques.

1.You have seen models walking on ramp, It's the most difficult thing to walk on the ramp confidently with grace and attitude in front of thousands of people. Are you able to walk confidently in front of any crowd?, quite difficult. Yeah, it is difficult but how models do that, are fashion models from any other world? or they are the super confident beings from their birth? The answer is certainly "No". I don't think so that they are confident from start. Then how they achieve this high level of confidence? the answer is, by improving their self image, every girl or boy when come to pursue their careers as models, their mentors make their minds that they have to think of themselves as the most beautiful being in the whole world and feel like the audience is being very excited to watch a beautiful person like them. This mind making, change their self image and they rock the ramp with their super confident presence. Though in reality, they are not most beautiful but by thinking and imagining like it, their self image in their own eyes get improved and they start considering their selves as most beautiful being, ultimately which increases their confidence level and help them to achieve the powerful attitude and grace. So, start to think good of yourself and rock the world, YOU can do it ! :)

2.Same type of technique is used in sports, where psychological trainer apply different ways to enhance the self confidence and this increase in self confidence brings a positive elevation in the performance of athletes and boosts up the sportsman spirit. Like in netball, first the trainer train the athlete to goal from short distances, when the athlete learn to goal from short distances, his confidence level boosts up and he becomes ready to try some difficult level. So, starting from little and easier things moving towards difficult one never let your confidence to shake up, instead helps to keep it stable and consistently improving.

3.Another way to improve the self image is told by my teacher when I was in school. Although, I didn't understand the logic behind it at that time but by the time I realized the really true and appraising words of my teacher. She told us that do not hesitate and get afraid when you occupy the stage. In school students mostly get afraid of stage and get really nervous. So, she told us the very good trick to overcome this fear and stay confident, she said do not hesitate from crowd in front of you but consider yourself most knowledgeable and confident person standing at the stage and people sitting in front have not as much knowledge as you have, because if they had it then they were also present on the stage. So think of yourself capable, it increases the self efficacy which in turn boosts up the confidence level.

You can also check out the practical exercises to boost up the SELF CONFIDENCE.


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