Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How to build up self confidence part 2:

Last time, we learnt the techniques to improve the self image to boost up the Self Confidence. Now, I want to share some more helpful methods to gradually build up the self confidence. These techniques helped me a lot and are still helping me to increase the level of self confidence and are making me able to perform or accomplish my duties effectively.
  1. Self affirmations:
We gather lots of negative thoughts in our minds, which increase the fear and not let us to be confident enough to accomplish any task or to make any decision. So, first of all we have to push back these negative thoughts and have to develop some positive notions. Self affirmations are useful for it. Make a list of some positive self affirmations and read them or repeat them to yourself daily or when you feel down, it will just take your two minutes. Some of them which are quite effective and I mostly use are as follows:

If it’s a hard time, no worries I can find a way.
I can make the things better.
I am able to perform this task.
It’s not that much difficult, with my effort I can do it.
I can win, nothing is impossible.
I am a strong person.
I am not alone, everybody is with me.
God is with me, nobody can harm me.
If it did not turn out to be good for me, no worries next time I will do it well.
It’s not the last opportunity for me, so I will try again and never give up.
If I get fail this time, no worries I will do more hard work and perform better next time.
I am a blessed person, beautiful and pretty being having all the abilities and I will use these abilities to make the things better.
  1. Mirror Talk:
Sometimes, we hesitate to talk to others especially the unfamiliar persons and mostly in front of crowd. The best way to overcome this hesitation is to talk to your self by standing in front of the mirror. Say whatever you want to say. Practicing this technique daily for 10 minutes will build up the self confidence and enable you to talk confidently and will make your personality more charming and attractive. So, stand in front of the mirror, consider your reflection in the mirror as another person and practice to talk confidently.
  1. Playing Games:
Achievements are very effective to boost up the self confidence. When you achieve something, your self belief arouses and in turn boosts up your confidence level. Whether the achievements are little or big, but they are important because you get assured that you are something and you can do something. If you do not have any task at hand to achieve anything then don’t get worry play the games. Computer games, any sport and you can even play games in your cell phone. Believe me, they will make you learn and will also boost up your self confidence. When you complete one level and move to other, you feel yourself more pleasant from inside. Why? It’s because you get the feeling that you have achieved something. So, play the games and after accomplishment of each level you will surely feel yourself more confident.

  1. Learning:
Last but not the least important thing is learning. Do not try anything to be always successful but try the things to learn something. If you long for getting success then after failure you will get hurt from inside completely, but if you try something to learn from it then this learning will make you feel that you have achieved the thing that you want, even if you didn’t get success. This thing will never let you down and you feel energetic to work again.

I hope these simple strategies will help you to build up the self confidence and will help you make your life better.
Enjoy the every moment of your life and learn from it :)

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