Sunday, 23 September 2012

Our Weekend Treat: Pumpkin Dessert!

This week, I had so much work load that my every day routine had turned into a hectic toil. The workload was more than my expectations and this had disrupted my all time management and many other plans. I was feeling like stuck into all this rush, however cutting a long story short I made myself go through and manage this routine and finally I completed all my tasks. So, as this is weekend, we both thought to have some time to relax. What is more enjoyable and relaxing than a hobby that you love! For this reason we go for our ever loving hobby and that is “COOKING”.

We decided to cook some dessert. Why? Because desserts and sweets are known as good mood boosters, they not only cheer you up but relax your nerves as well, and yeah of course fill your tummy as well! ;) We personally love desserts, and cooking and garnishing them is also a great fun for us. So, it was just an outclass idea for us to have weekend treat of pumpkin dessert.

Oh my GOD! The cutting part of pumpkin was not so relaxing for us. Its skin was as hard as rock and though the cutting knife was enough sharp but we were still having wrestling with that hard stuff! Anyhow, sometimes it’s not that we wish for some relax time and then momentarily we have it. But luckily, the rest part of the recipe was very relaxing and enjoyable.

The pumpkin dessert got prepared, garnished with nuts, chilled and served! Though it was our first try to pumpkin dessert, but it turned amazingly “DELICIOUS”. So, we enjoyed our weekend treat with our family and it was really a reposeful weekend. 

Share what special and relaxing you did this weekend!  
The Yummy Pumpkin Dessert That Really Made Our Weekend!


  1. This looks super yumm! :)

  2. Dear Siany!
    Thanks for stopping by, yeah it was really delicious. ;)

    Stay blessed :)

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