Saturday, 16 June 2012

Don’t have ticket? Create your own jet.

We are in the era of ready-made things, ready made clothes, ready made meals, even ready made ideas. This “Ready-made” element of our lives has not made it easy, though many of you out there think it has made our living very easy, but in fact it’s killing our creativity, which is the very blessed gift from the supreme power and an essential element of a comfortable plus blissful life. Creativity makes the life easy, not ready-made stuff.
We want to travel in the ready-made jet of life, but we don’t have ticket, so why not create our own jet? Many of the times we get stuck in some problems, and being habitual of ready-made stuff we long for ready-made solutions, why to go for other’s ideas and solutions, why not we make our very own key for opening the door ahead?. Why not we make our own door in the sealed room of life and enjoy the unlimited happiness of life without any hindrance.
So be innovative and enjoy the blissful journey of life in your own jet. Each of us has been gifted with a vast reservoir of creativity within, its just we are unaware of that gift, or we never open our gift. Let the gift be opened and welcome the unlimited treasure of happiness and prosperity into your lives. Let the blessings flow into your life and let them make it a meaningful story, with all the scripts and characters you like it to hold. Let the difficulties vanish away in the deep sea of your creativity and sail the boat of your life with real ease and comfort on your own.

Let’s open our hands to receive our gifts. One life, live it to its fullest potential.

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